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A Few Bicycle Innovations

Bicycles are always ready for some additional innovations. There is just so much that can be done with a bike, and so many problems to be solved with existing designs. For example, I am tired of going numb down there when I take a long ride. The first invention I would like to see, then, is a better bicycle seat for men. Maybe a seat that uses two padded "rests" for just the legs, which rotate, so as not to interfere with the pedaling motion. In between is the space necessary for comfort.

Here are a few more ideas waiting for someone to implement them...

Pet Carrier

I would make one that rides over or to the front of the handlebars. It would be just for small dogs and other small pets, of course.

Bicycle Movie Machine

The idea here is that stationary bicycles wouldn't be too boring to use if you actually felt like you were going somewhere. A TV screen in front of you isn't enough though. You have to actually be able to turn down a street on the screen and see what is there. In fact, there should be sufficient scenes that you can explore this alternate world for many months or even years. If the scenes were real places, this could be educational as well as good exercise.

Note: When I first suggested this (I wrote this page many years ago), the technology was not nearly as developed. Now, with many interactive video games out there it seems likely that we'll see something like my bike movie machine soon.

Stationary Bicycle Electrical Generators

This is for survivalists and others who just want a backup source of power. It could used with any bicycle. The technology has been in use for decades in the form of those bike lights that are operated by a rubber wheel that is turned by contact with the bicycle wheel. Bicycle generators in other forms undoubtedly exist too. The idea here is to mass produce something that can easily run a light, a radio, and maybe a few other small things.

Rail-Runner Attachment

This will not be popular with the railroad companies, but wouldn't it be great to be able to bike along the rails? Train tracks go many places that roads don't go. A device that held the bicycle wheels on the track would let you into these places. Of course, it would have to be easily removed, for the occasional passing of a train.

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Bicycle Innovations