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Creative Concepts

Time fore some new concepts and ideas. This is a page for everything that just doesn't fit into the other categories. This includes concepts like functional art. Imagine a field of man-made sunflowers, the faces of the flowers following the sun and collecting its energy through their solar cells. That is the kind of creative thinking you'll find here.

Moving Sidewalk

There are moving sidewalks in airports, so why not ones that cross a city? Slower "feeder" sidewalks could lead up to and away from the high-speed main line that takes you at six-miles-per-hour through the city. It might even become a tourist attraction.

Subliminal Rehabilitation

If prisoners agreed to it, would there be any problem piping constant subliminal messages into their cells? They could be continually fed good thoughts, ideas, and life-changing affirmations.

Frozen Shoes

Do your feet get too hot? Have you ever put your shoes in the freezer for an hour before putting them on?

100 Bad Ideas

This is my creative concept for a hopefully funny book. The bad ideas might include putting poetry on cereal boxes, hitchhiking through Iran with a Salmon Rushdie t-shirt on, and a new super-hero doll called "Super Bin Laden."

Door to Fantasy

Have a door on the wall that doesn't actually go anywhere. Instead, when it is opened, it reveals a beautiful painting of an outdoor scene.

Disposable Pets

Breed dogs for a short life, preferably less than two years. "Genetically guaranteed short life pets." These are for those who don't want a long-term commitment. (Please don't bother to email me about this one -- I know it is insensitive, but I still find it funny.)

Horrible Foods Cookbook

Want a serving of tuna fish ice cream? How about chicken pudding or anchovy soda?

Homeless to Hopeful

This comes from a creative concept I read about. Shy, non-social kids watched films that showed non-social kids like themselves joining in the activities with the other kids. They immediately began to change and join in activities with others. This is the power of an example. My idea is to create a book of true success stories in which homeless people turned their lives around, with and without help. The book would be distributed in the streets, to provide models and examples for the people living there.

Creativity Exercises - Do these and you'll be more creative.

More Random Creative Ideas - Inventions, metaphors and other concepts.

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Paintball Pointillism - A new kind of mural painting...

Decision Paralysis - Applying an economics term to personal matters.

The Creative Life - Tips on how to live it....

The Value of Crazy Ideas - A few examples...

Weather Forecasting Idea - You don't have to know about meteorology.

Big Ideas - How to have them.

Five New Ideas - Power nap center, mosquito blood DNA testing for crimes...

New Concepts - From inventions to ideas on justice.

Creative Imagination - How to have more of your own creative concepts.

Innovation - It starts with the right mental habits.

Technique for Creative Ideas

I have found that using brainwave entrainment recordings can help increase one's creative output. These are meant for meditation, but if you listen with headphones while sitting up and focusing on creative solutions to a chosen problem, you'll find that you can generate a lot of new ideas. Have a pen and paper ready.

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Creative Concepts