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This is our page for thoughts about anything and everything. I was brought up as a Catholic, and I had to reconcile creationism with evolution once I entered a public school at eight-years-old. My own resolution was that perhaps God caused evolution. I later became what I call a "spiritual atheist." I have always had an interest in the "big" and "deep" questions, and not just the religious ones.

This is the more radical part of our website. Anytime I hear about a new religion, or invent one, you'll be able to read about it here. New philosophical ideas, questions about life and morality, theories of matter - details will be found here.

Time Perspective - Which ones do you choose to have?

Is Spirtuality the Ultimate Technology? - Getting past the religious connotations...

Practical Freedom - How to achieve it based on your own needs.

Using Other Minds - This page is a short guide to doing just that.

Ideas to Make You Think - The problem with a 20-word language, the reason for punishment, and several other ideas to ponder.

Some Interesting Questions - Thought provoking questions on subjects ranging from politics to science and spirituality.

The Inescapable Speed of Life - How it happened; what you can do.

What is Belief? - Do we mean something different each time we say, "I believe?".

Accurate Miscommunication? - When fifteen minutes equals thirty - and why we have to live with this kind of inaccuracy if we want to communicate.

Probabilitism - Life According to the Odds - Poker analysis applied to life.

The Meaning of Life - A Dangerous Idea - And the winner of the meaning of life is...

Survival of the Fittest : Why there is no purpose to a giraffe's long neck.

Search Engine Anthropology : What do the keywords we search say about us?

Can an Atheist Believe in God? : The answer might surprise you.

Spirituality and Science : Some ideas on how one can serve the other.

How to Live a Simple Life : Some new ideas on keeping it simple.

Words to Live By : Are there words to live by? Is it possible that we place too much importance on words, and that language can be as dangerous as it is helpful? Some new ideas on words.

How to Be a Spiritual Atheist : Being an atheist doesn't mean rejecting spirituality. Here's an introduction to what spiritual atheism might look like.

Can Money Buy Happiness? : What role does money play in our lives? Is it a force for good or evil, and is the common pretense that "money isn't important to me," a lack of spiritual understanding? Can money buy happiness? Some food for thought.

Deep Quotes : A collection of thought-provoking quotes and one-liners. Let's see what we can learn from Albert Einstein, Yogi Berra, Saint Francis of Assisi and others. The newest ones here will be my own quotes, of course.

Thought Provoking Questions : Is taxation is theft? Why people believe in awful gods?

New Thoughts : Love, voting, and paying surgeons according to performance. New thoughts on a few things, and a some notes on where they come from and how to have them.

More? You bet. I will add the newest entries to the top of the pile, so check back soon.

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Deep Thoughts