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Economics and the related topics might seem like boring reading to some. Maybe so. With that in mind, I won't have any new methods for figuring the gross national product here, or even ideas for new inflation indexes. This section of the web site is to introduce you to ideas and theories that are new to you, and to do so in a way that makes them easy to understand and interesting.

Have you heard of the new science of behavioral economics? If not, watch out! Marketing experts and sales people have, and they're using the new discoveries from this science on you. Find out why you may be paying more than you should and buying things you don't need on the our page on behavioral economics. All of our other economic pages are introduced below.

Economic Depression Survival Strategies - Learn how to be a survivor.

The Value of Things - Understanding context and profiting from perspective.

The Redistribution Of Wealth - A series on how the rich take advantage of others.

Tax Loopholes For The Rich - A transfer of wealth?

Corporate Welfare - Redistribution From Poor To Rich - A transfer of billions of dollars.

What a Mechanic In A Hot Spring Taught Me About The New Economy - Unlocking capital with information.

Oil Shortages : The cure for oil shortages is the same as the cure for any shortage...

The Wealth of the United States : Is the wealth here, and the robust economy, due to our free markets? Only partly. Learn where the cutting edge economic research is being done (it isn't in the U.S.), and what has been discovered.

The Inflation Tax : How about no IRS, no reporting of income, and a super simplified tax system that would be automatically indexed to economic growth? The government just prints the money it needs at a scientifically determined rate that won't cause any problems.

How to Quit Your Job : A few new ideas on breaking free from unpleasant occupations.

Third World Debt - A New Idea : Could just renouncing it be the solution?

Positive Externalities - An explanation and a few applications.

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Economic Theories