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Artificial Fireflies

A subscriber to my Brainpower Newsletter sent me the following great idea for using artificial electronic fireflies in parks. I love the thought of having the glittering lights at night.

Fireflies - by Dinkar Rao

Fireflies at the beginning of rainy season.

In India, just at the advent of rainy season, and at the sunset, when it is pretty dark out side, and when rain drizzle has stopped, we can see plenty of fireflies in the sky – flying low, emitting bright, bluish, blinking luminous light like twinkle, twinkle little stars. – How I wonder what you are! – A well known nursery rhyme.

Can't say we see Fireflies in other Countries!

Fact is, these are appearing only at the beginning of rainy season.

These are not seen near, and around garden fountains after rainy season.

The fireflies may be acquiring solar energy that energizes its tail for sparkling light. They are harmless. They do not bite.

Possibly it may be their mating time at the advent of early rains in rainy season only.


We can surely make artificial Fireflies using Light emitting Diodes [LED] flying around in Park whole night using day time solar energy. It beautifies the Park Garden.


We do have fireflies here in the United States, although I am not sure how common they are or their range. I do know we loved to see them flashing their lights on summer nights in Michigan when I was young. Having artificial fireflies is a great idea, and even f the flying part is difficult, they could be attached to various trees and other things in a park.

Thank you Dinkar.

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Artificial Fireflies