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Hidden Pet Cameras

Hidden cameras come in all sorts of things now. You can buy teddy bears with a camera in the nose. You can have a pack of cigarettes that is actually a camera. What I haven't yet seen, though, is small cameras designed to be put on your pet.

Probably, such devices would have to be attached at the collar of either dogs and/or cats. Weight isn't an issue now, since there are cameras that weigh an ounce out there. To hide it, though, might be the real challenge. A flower or bow on the dogs collar might do the trick, with the lens in the center.

The camera would have to transmit the image to a remote viewer, of course. I think the range on these types of cameras is enough now to get a clear image from around the neighborhood.

Why Pet Cameras?

Of course they would have their novelty value. Strap the camera on Spot, and let him go wander the neighborhood while you watch the show. Surveillance enthusiasts would have to add this invention to their collections.

If a dog was trained, you could use this system for more specific spying too. In fact, it has probably been done before, whether or not such a camera has been marketed yet. The first such use might be for a reporter's expose of the conditions in dog kennels. Unfortunately, a more criminal use could be to case a building. Put the dog in there, watch the scene from a safe distance, and if the dog is caught, you already got your footage.

Ever wondered where your cat goes all day? You could find out as soon as someone starts to market these new cameras.

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Pet Cameras