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How to Quit Your Job

What are my qualifications for this article? Let's just say that I am a job-quitting expert, and my expertise has been gained through experience. I have quit many jobs in many industries. Most recently, I quit my job at the Post Office, and now it has been many years since I've had a job. Of course, the real question is "How do you quit your job and still pay the bills?" Here are some ideas, again based on experience.

Stop Thinking Like an Employee

People are afraid of their employers. They feel dependent on them. They even feel bitter or "trapped." Why think that way? Even if you stay at your present job twenty more years (there may be good reasons to), why not consider yourself a business owner, in the business of selling your labor? If you don't like the terms or price, you can negotiate a better deal or go elsewhere.

I once told a customer (employer) I would only work one day, down from five, because I had other plans for my time. They liked the service I sold, and so agreed. If they didn't, there were other jobs. There are always other opportunities. If you decide to stay at a job a while? Accept that it is a business decision. There is no reason to feel bitter or "trapped."

Thinking of yourself as in business, selling your labor, skills and knowledge, opens your mind to the possibilities of better jobs and even business or investing activities. These are nice advantages of taking this perspective, but not the best reason to. The best reason is that you will feel free, and never feel dependent upon another.

Reduce and Control Your Expenses

It is easier to quit your job if your expenses are lower. It isn't necessarily a problem of spending, but of having your fixed expenses too high. You see, if you can support your basic lifestyle on virtually any job out there, you can live it up when you have a good job. Just don't get into debt, or add too many financial obligations to your life. Then, when you quit that job, you are not in trouble. You just quickly cut out the excess.

Look at every area of your life and find a way to reduce the costs, and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle. If you are single, consider splitting the rent on an apartment instead of living alone. Buy whatever foods are on sale (but still only ones that you like) and you'll save on food. Turn down the thermostat when you are out. Group and route your errands to save miles in the car. Above all, avoid consumer debt.

Have Money in the Bank

Always have six months living expenses in the bank. This is one of the most important lessons in how to quit your job. Don't think it can't be done. There are people living on less income than you. Live like they do, save the excess, and you'll always have a financial "cushion" that allows you to quit a job when you want without having to turn to payday loans. Then, when you have income again, you should replenish this fund before you do anything else.

I have rarely worked full-time jobs in my life. I took unpaid vacations for as long as five weeks at a time, and I quit working altogether for months at a time. This was possible because I always had low expenses, and money in the bank. That's freedom.

Find Other Sources of Income

In my case, I rented rooms in my home for $80 per week. Two or more at a time. You can do the math. I paid off the mortgage after six or seven years, and then lived for free for many years. I loaned money to friends who bought and sold cars, splitting the profits with them. I made and sold three hundred walking sticks one summer.

Look for any possibilities for income. If you have a country home, you could collect a few hundred dollars each for boats or RVs to be seasonally stored on your land. If you have a hobby you enjoy, find a way to make it pay. Take a part time job just because it is interesting, and then set aside every penny from it as your how-to-quit-your-job fund.

In the end, I decided that I've had enough jobs. (Oh, maybe one or two more, if they are interesting.) I started this little internet business with a few hundred dollars, and now it pays more than any job I've had. My wife likes having me at home every day, and I like making money telling others how to do this.

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Quit Your Job