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Writing a good story is a lot of work. I personally do better with non-fiction. On the other hand, fiction is sometimes a more powerful way to make a point or express how one feels. And it is fun to think of ideas for stories. So I'll take the fun part, and leave it to others to use the short outlines below to create a short tale or two.

We have other related pages on the site, including one on how to have short story ideas and how to use questions to trigger story ideas. All of these pages are collected together on the following page: Story Ideas. Now, to add to our collection...

A Word is Worth...

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what is a word worth? The setting for this tale is a totalitarian society where people cannot think some thoughts because they are not taught some words. It might be about a struggle for freedom, but also an interesting lesson in epistemology.

The Dark Muse

This story is based on the observation that many of the best poems, songs and other writings come from the darkest times in a writer's life. So what happens when the writer's happiness becomes a hindrance to quality work? He has to become troubled and unhappy in order to stimulate the better work all over again. How he does this could be interesting, but it might also be worth exploring what the net affect on his life is.

Suicidal Gods

The various gods come to see that their time is over and people will be better off if they are gone. In the face of the resulting tragedy the people come together and are happy. This doesn't necessarily have to be written by an atheist or non-religious person. It might be more interesting from the perspective of a true believer.

War of Words

A dictator overthrown by introduction of new ideas rather than by war. Either the ideas expressed change his mind, or the populace is brought to reject any authority that the "ruler" has over them. Perhaps this is not specific enough, but some readers will get the idea here and could run with it.

Criminal Freedom

There is an island where wrongly-jailed individuals escape prosecution. An underground network of freedom fighters helps them to escape from courts and prisons and bring them to this sanctuary. They develop a more-just society there.

The Reformation

One store owner kills thieves that enter his store. Another store owner tries a different approach; he videotapes them and then blackmails them to work for him for free, and in the process they learn a new way of life.

Strange Memories

The first line: "One of the things I liked best as a human..."Animals recount time spent as humans. This is perhaps one of the oddest ideas for a story here, but I think the right writer could do something with it.

Missing Billionaire

He pays several private investigators to find him, and then hides out for a year. The winner (the one who finds him) gets a million-dollar prize. That billionaire might then use what he learned to truly disappear.

Judge on Trial

Vigilantes "arrest" a judge for imprisoning those who have committed victimless "crimes." This could be part of a series of short stories about the injustice of society's tendency to use force to prevent people from doing things that actually hurt nobody.

The Law of Science

Over-the-counter nutritional supplements are outlawed. Since vitamins and minerals and such cannot be patented, no company is willing to do the necessary research to prove them effective for various purposes (any other company could then profit from the millions they spent on research). As a result, everything from wild mint leaves to vitamin C is being sold illegally on the streets, and the vendors are being hunted down and jailed. One doctor who supported the law must in the end seek out an illegal alternative doctor to get the treatment he needs.

The Jesus Incident

The body of Jesus Christ is discovered, and there is still enough viable DNA to clone him. The resulting baby is accidentally sent home with the wrong parents and grows up to become a violent criminal. His true identity is revealed only once he is in front of the jury for a crime he committed.

I hope to publish more ideas for short stories (and longer ones) on the site, so check back from time to time (new pages are always announced and featured for a few weeks on the home page).

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Ideas for Stories