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Some Interesting Questions

The following questions are meant to get you thinking. Thus, they do not come with answers. They are simply queries that are interesting to me. I'll have more thought provoking questions gathered together on the site from time to time as well, so watch for those new collections to be announced on the hompage.

Does having a thousand ideas indicate creativity if not one of them is actually used to create something?

How many ways can you explain something without the use of words?

When you say that "I am intelligent," doesn't that suggest that your mind is your self?

Since power can be used to help us or hurt us, and the true value of a technology is dependent on discovering and valuing what is truly important so that our devices and systems can help us attain those values, does this make the practice of spirituality the ultimate technology?

Is worshiping and holding as sacred a book any less a form of idolatry than gathering around a golden calf?

Why is it that many of the holiest causes - even when labeled as love - make the killing of other people so much easier?

Given that stealing, though normally wrong, could be the right thing to do if needed to feed a starving child, is there any moral rule or commandment that can be considered truly inviolable?

Is it fair to call it love when it is based on what we want from another person?

How is pure democracy different from mob rule?

Can we call an economic system moral if it encourages politics and the force of government as a means of gaining the value others create, rather than the free exchange of values?

How would the world be different if the speed of light was just a one hundred miles per hour?

If how people spend their money was a good indication of the values that guide their lives, what would your financial habits say about your life and about what you value most?

If an animal cannot "see" "stupidity" nor the beauty of an idea because it has no words to express the concepts, what else can we see because of our languages?

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

Why are the most important questions often feared?

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Interesting Questions