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All of the ideas on this website are just that -- ideas. I do report on actual inventions as well, but if I call them ideas you can feel free to use them if you like. Of course it is up to you to do the necessary patent research, because it's always possible that others have thought of the same idea and patented part or all of it, or even trademarked the name we thought we invented. But if not, make them yours.

Update for January 2013 - I recently saw a video about inflatable cement buildings. Essentially you inflate them, spray them with water and wait for them to harden. They are instant emergency shelters or storage sheds! I'll write more about this in the future.

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New Inventions : Wave power electric generators, chip dip dispensers and more.

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How to Get a Patent : Get a patent or a provisional patent to protect your invention.

Feel free to send along any invention ideas that you have so I can include them on the site. I recently received this email, for example:

People who eat low carb, those who are allergic to gluten and many diabetics do not use store-bought bread, we have to bake our own so it will be grain-free. There are no pans out there that will let us make bread by the slice (meaning one or more slices per batch) instead of by the loaf. It could be a plain old metal pan or an electric one like the mini donut makers.

The second thing we need involves potatoes, which the people classified above cannot eat. But if the starch in the potatoes is retrograded to resistant starch, we can eat it without having it raise our blood sugar much. Here is an article that talks about retrograding potatoes, beginning with the 6th paragraph. The peeled, sliced potatoes must be cooked at a temperature of 149 for 30 minutes. Many of us have tried doing this with existing kitchen appliances and equipment, but there is no way for us to regulate the temperature anywhere near that accurately.

We would love to have a small electric appliance where we could add water and potato slices, the cooker would heat the contents to 149 degrees, keep it there for 30 minutes, then signal us to take the spuds out of the cooker, where we would drain and plunge the spuds into ice water.

Once word got out on the low carb, diabetic and gluten-free forums that these products exist, there isn't a doubt in my mind that thousands would be sold.

Thanks to Joyce for those invention ideas. We'll be watching to see if someone takes her suggestions and runs with them.

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