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A Collection of Money Making Ideas

Dreaming up ideas that might make money is more fun than following through on them, so I'll keep on dreaming. You are welcome to be the entrepreneur. Take these ideas and run with them. Here are some businesses, services and products that might make some money for those who want to lead the way.

1. Search Dog Service

Trained dogs work for police departments and search-and-rescue squads, but why limit them to these? People might pay to have a dog find lost items, or track lost people that the police have given up trying to find. Search dogs could even be used to find lost pets. A hunter could pay for this service when he knows the deer he shot will die, but can't find the body. Parents would pay to search out the drugs in their kids rooms

2. Locator Phones

Give your child a cell phone with a modified GPS unit in it. When you call the phone, it transmits the location back to you, and even plots it on the map in your phone. You'll know if a teenager is lying about where they are, and can also use it to locate smaller children who are lost.

3. Locator System for the Blind

Install small transmitters at major intersections in city. These would announce the location ("Corner of Sixth and Munson.") on a designated frequency. Blind people buy a receiver that fits over their ear, and push a button at any intersection to verify where they are. Additional information could be broadcast as well, such as what stores are nearby and in what direction.

4. Parasailing in the Desert

You've seen the parasails that are pulled behind boats, but why not do this in open desert areas as well? Customers would ride a parasail into the sky, pulled behind a car. Many people would gladly pay for a ride in the sky above the desert landscape.

5. Sell Lists

Someone might pay $3 for a list of the best restaurants in Chicago. How about a list of 20 ways to save money on insurance, or 100 ways to lose weight? These lists would be easy to compile, and if sold online as downloads, would cost almost nothing to produce. A website selling simple lists at a low price might not need to even offer refunds. It could be a very simple business.

6. Boom Boxes for Bikes

Kids sometimes ride bicycles with one hand on the handlebars and the other holding a radio or CD player on their shoulder. Why not a radio/CD player that mounts on the handle bars of any bike? The bike becomes a mobile party. Sell a pop cooler that rides on the back-rack of the bicycle as well.

By the way, I have another website which has a whole section full of pages devoted to untested or partially tested business, investment, and money making ideas.

Of course, dreaming up these ideas is easy. Actually making money with them involves a whole lot more effort, so good luck! (And I'll get back to dreaming.)

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Money Making Ideas