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Our Collection of New Business Ideas

Want some great ideas for business that you haven't seen elsewhere? You have come to the right place. Follow the links below to pages full of ideas for new businesses, and new ideas for existing businesses as well. A few of these may not be entirely new, but then what is? If it is new to you, and usable - use it! There are a few more concepts explained at the bottom of the page as well.

Letters From the Dead - Send a birthday card from the grave?

Small Business Ideas - How to brainstorm your own ideas.

Cheap Housing Ideas - Connectable cube-rooms and more.

More Money Making Ideas : Be the first to use them.

Money Making Ideas Gone Wild : Start with crazy ideas, then bring them down to reality.

Fundraising Ideas : Why settle for another car wash or cookie sale?

Business Questions : You probably haven't thought of some of these questions. Some may even seem like they don't apply to your type of business. Find answers though, and you are finding ways to increase your sales and profits.

Self Employed : Do you really need to quit your job to be self employed?

Great Site: - See the collection of good businesses.

Here are a few more ideas for new businesses, as well as new concepts for existing businesses. I hope that some of these will be used and some money will be made as a result.

Motivational Wake-Up calls

Regular alarm clocks are hard on the ears, and even de-motivating for some of us. My idea is to set up the phone with your favorite ring, keep it next to the bed, and get a wake-up call every morning, but one with a twist: You get a different motivational message each morning -- something to really get you going.

Fast-Food Tube

We are all familiar with the tubes at many bank drive-through windows, so why not have them at fast-food drive through windows? They would have to stay level for the sake of the food (and the drinks, of course). One slow person would no longer hold up the whole line at the drive-through, because you can have several lines spread out. Customers would send their money in through the conveyor system, and get the food back the same way, and you could wait on four or more at the same time.

Carbonated Water Business

When I am in South America I can buy a bottle of carbonated spring water from every corner store. It costs about ten cents more than the non-carbonated water, and it's delicious. It isn't available here in the U.S. for some reason. Carbonated water is sold here in bigger containers in the supermarket, but rarely sold as a convenience drink, even though plain water is now for sale everywhere you go. I'll bet that the first company to fully market carbonated water will be very profitable.

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New Business Ideas