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I have quite a few pages on the site that detail my own "mental inventions," so I thought it was time to get back to reality. Here are some of the new inventions that recently caught my eye. I am writing this in 2011, but when I add invention and innovation pages I will link to them from here. But first, here is a video on how to dream up your own new inventions:

Solar Powered Tent

A company called "Orange" has a new tent that has solar panels as part of its roof. They can be used to provide power for your cell phone or other mobile devices. It also has an integrated geo-location technology. If you have lost track of it you can send a signal and it will glow so you'll see it more easily. But losing it seems unlikely since the bulkiness of the tent makes it more suitable to car-side camping than backpacking.

Metal Detecting Sandals

Hammacher and Schlemmer has produced a pair of metal-detecting sandals. Actually only one of the sandals is a metal detector (the right one). A nine-volt battery (strapped to your leg) powers it, and if you step over a metal object you will either see a light, feel a vibration or hear a beeping sound, depending on your settings. You get six hours of battery life and they cost about $60.

Butter Stick

Tired of trying to spread butter evenly on that toast/ How about a stick of butter (or margarine) that is in a tube like a glue-stick. Twist the bottom to advance the butter and rub it on. I saw a photo of this, but there were no details on where to buy it or who produced it. I suspect there are other applications for a glue-stick type of device.

Flying Car

A street-legal flying car at last? The Transition (R) by Terrafugia might be it. They say, "Simply land at the airport, fold your wings up and drive home" ( It gets 35 mpg on the highway, and flies at a top speed of 105 miles-per-hour. Of course you will need a pilot's license, but Terrafugia has a course specifically designed for their car, which they say will make you legal in 20 hours of flying time.

Bicycle Simulator

The idea of riding a stationary bike with video in front of you is something I wrote about many years ago. Now Honda has made such a device - sort of. Theirs is meant to simulate situation a bicyclist might encounter, in order to train riders for safety purposes. If all goes well, though, perhaps they will eventually have a machine you can use to "ride" through famous neighborhoods of the world.

A Waterless Washing Machine?

That's what British company Xeros says about their new invention. Look closer and you see that it uses 90% less water traditional machines. Nylon beads are used as part of the washing process to reduce the need for water. These beads can apparently be used for hundreds of washes.

In addition to reporting on new inventions that actually exist, I also have put together quite a few pages of invention ideas (that link will take you to the page where they are all listed). Some might be created by the time you read this, but otherwise, you can be the first to implement them if you like.

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New Inventions