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A Few New Thoughts

You get new ideas and thoughts when you take a new perspective on things. One way to do this is to challenge the existing assumptions. Consider, for example, the assumption that love is a feeling of desire or attachment. What if we challenge this?

Some Thoughts on Love

Attachment and desire can be strong feelings. They are often called love in certain contexts. Of course, attachment can be for bad reasons too, and desire can come from less than noble places. So what can we use as an alternative definition of love?

Recognition of value? How about seeing the inherent value in a person, like the beauty you see in a painting or hear in a melody. We don't need to be attached to, or even desirous of beauty to enjoy it. We just have to recognize it. The enjoyment that we take in another's existence could be a definition of love. At least the feeling.

However, love is more than an emotion, isn't it? The feeling a mother has for her children could hardly be called love if she doesn't feed them. In this context, love has to include action, doesn't it?

Here's the real problem with defining concepts like love: We have seven or eight or perhaps a hundred things we want to communicate, each different, yet we have just one word for them. Rather than redefining love, maybe we need to create a dozen new words. There's an area for some new thoughts.

Random New Ideas

One way to have new thoughts is to just look for any new ideas to replace old ones. Then expand on the new idea, to see what value you can find in it. Some examples of new thoughts follow. I haven't expanded on them - I'll leave that to you.

- Why encourage uninformed people to vote? Perhaps it's better to encourage people NOT to vote, unless they're willing to educate themselves on the issues.

- Why is multi-tasking considered a sign of efficiency? It seems to me that needing to be so busy just to get what we want shows that our actions aren't effective enough.

- Can we pay less for a surgeon who kills more people on the operating table? Obviously there are better and worse doctors. Why not have that information available, and pay accordingly?

- I'd rather have wonder instead of faith. Isn't faith just believing without reason, or even in the face of contradictory evidence? A feeling of wonder means to marvel at the world and accept it's mysteries as mysteries - no explanation until there is one.

What if our level of creativity, and ability to have new thoughts isn't just something that is set at birth. What if it is a systematic process, one that may not be recognized by those who use it, but can be identified and copied? My experience tells me this is the way it is. We all can train ourselves to have creative new ideas. One way to get started is to go sign up for my course on radical thinking.

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New Thoughts