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More ideas for free! Take them and use them for your poem or prose. Some of these are bits of verse, others suggest a good title, and still others are just ideas for a playful process or a certain type of poem. Enjoy!

Verses That Answer Each Other

This would be a poem with two voices alternating from one stanza to the next, each with it's own personality, yet together creating some sense or some sort of poetic dialog. The "voices" created could be human or otherwise.

Dream Poems

I've had some fun by trying to make dreams into poems. There is (occasionally) an interior logic that is not immediately apparent to our conscious minds. Start by statting what happened in the dream, and then looking for a theme and a few rhythmic lines.

Eight Beer Poem

That's the title. now here's the process: The first stanza is written after a beer, the second after another beer, and so on. This might result in something humorous, enlightening, or just a mess to be cleaned up later.

A Poem for Six A.M.

That could be the title, since the idea here is to have a collection of poems, one for each waking hour of the day.

Poetry by the Mile

Once again, that might be the title of the poem or a collection of poems. In this case, the poems follow the course of a trip you are taking. Let someone else drive as you write. The titles could also be "Mile Marker 234" and such.

Puzzle Poem

The gimmick here is to use all the same words for each stanza in the poem, and the same number of times, but in a new order for each.

Poetry Using Song Structure

Choose a song you like, remove the words and lyrics to get at the underlying structure. Use that to write a poem. Actually, if you imagine the tune as you write, it tends to inspire better word choices.

Headline Poetry

Play with news headlines to see if there is a poem or two in them. They can either be the inspiration for the title and content of the poems or the stanzas could each start with a headline from recent news items.

Starter Lines and Stanza Bits

Forget your churches ... They are cages for gods that capture only humans...

You who stood before your fathers eyes...

We secretly hope that birds will never learn of God...

The alarm clock cannot defend itself...

Dreams are lined up against the wall...

In a world where opinions are wealth...

Deep within my soul I am shallow...

I hate this life so deeply ... Almost as deeply as I love it..

Words are paper roses and magazine cover skies...

Check back soon for more ideas.

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