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Paintball Pointillism - A New Art Form

If you ever studied art in school you are probably familiar with pointillism, but what does this style of painting have to do with paintballs and paintball guns? We'll get to that in a moment. First, a refresher lesson for those who only recall the word without remembering what it actually means.

Pointillism is a painting technique which uses dots of paint or color. The artist applies the small dots in patterns so that - at least from a certain distance away - an image is formed. It is a technique that was developed by Georges Seurat in 1886 and is considered part of the Impressionist school of art. The word itself was coined by art critics as a derogatory comment on the style - even though it is a difficult process that has produced some beautiful paintings.

Now to define paintball pointillism. The idea here is to paint murals on walls and other large surfaces by using paintballs in the pointillist style. The artist may have to take shooting lessons first, to be sure of his aim, but then he would sit there at the appropriate distance and fire paintballs at the wall to apply his points of color. If done correctly an image will eventually emerge.

Get started now if you want to get the headlines that come with being first. Only the primary colors are needed for a good pointillist, although there may be more options offered by the companies that make paintballs, once this style catches on. Of course if you have not painted in this style before you might need to start on canvas and then take those sharpshooter lessons, and then find that wall.

Alternately, if you are already a good pointillist you could work together with an expert marksman. You just need a laser pointer to show him the spot to hit each time. Together you will create the fist large example ofthis new art form.

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Paintball Pointillism