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Political Theories and Thoughts

This is more of a political philosophy section, although I will include ideas about the theory and practice of politics as I dream them up or discover them. Some of these ideas can be found elsewhere, but will hopefully be explained more clearly here. Other ideas found here will give you new food for thought. You will probably also notice a Libertarian edge to my own politics, although I am not affiliated with any party.

The Political Pages

I Have No Political Representation - Why this is true and how it could be different in the future with a simple change in how we elect leaders.

Is Taxation Just Organized Robbery? - This is my (partial) answer.

We Need to Be a World Power? - Not really, and changes are on their way.

The Redistribution Of Wealth - "Reverse Robin Hood" scams.

Tax Loopholes - An upward redistribution of wealth?

Corporate Welfare - Redistribution From Poor To Rich - Billions of dollars taken from those who make less and handed to those who are wealthy.

Political Change Without Voting - A look at better way than the perpetual voting for the lesser-of-evils.

A New Constitution - Do we need one? If so, what should it include, and why? Here are some ideas that may not be so popular.

Why I Hate Hate Crime Laws - Outlaw "hate crimes?" It seems like a good idea at first glance.... But is legislation really the solution to people believing and saying things we don't like? I don't think so.

Public Lies : As a society, do we sanction lies? A look at the political consequences of the lie: "If it saves one life it's worth it."

The Damage That Social Programs Do : Including a personal story, and some suggestions for change.

Lying Politicians : My explanation of why politicians are often just telling us the lies that we want to hear. Honesty in Washington will have to begin with self-honesty in the citizens. As long as we want to believe in nonsense, there will be a politician to serve it up.

The Politics of Taxation : Politicians and governments must strive for a system that appears fair to the most people. Political necessity precludes actual fairness or reasoned thought in the science of funding government. In fact, it mostly just precludes any science or logic. The idea that you can generate more revenue with higher tax rates is a perfect example.

A Policy of Truth : What would the political landscape look like if we adopted the policy of truth? You might not like it. Politicians would be debating acceptable rates of death prior to enacting regulations. President would be saying, "We are going to kill these people because it suits our policy aims." Are you ready for the truth?

The Tao of Politics

Many people don't realize that Lao Tzu had quite a few important things to say about politics and government in his Tao Te Ching. Of course, not many people read the book. My own favorite quotes are here:

# 57

To be a great leader
you must learn to follow the Tao.
Stop trying to control.
Drop fixed plans and ideas
And the world will govern itself.

The more laws you have
The less virtuous people will be.
The more weapons
The less secure.
The more subsidies
The less self-reliant.


Governing a large country
Is like cooking a small fish.
It is spoiled with too much poking.


If taxes are too high
The people go hungry.
If government is too intrusive
The people lose their spirit.

Govern for the people's benefit.
Trust them and leave them alone.


A great country is like a great man:
If he makes a mistake, he realizes it.
Realizing it, he admits it.
Admitting it, he corrects it.
He sees those who find his flaws
As his teachers.
He sees his enemy
As his shadow.

A nation centered in the Tao,
Nourishing its people,
And not meddling in the affairs of others,
Is a light to all nations of the world.

For more on the Tao of Politics, why not read the Tao Te Ching? My own favorite translation is that of Stephen Mitchell. Compared to other translators, he worries less about the literal translation, and more about the meaning -- and that makes all the difference.

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Political Theories