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Problem Solving

Solving a problem can start with finding and applying solutions that are already out there. It can also be a much more creative process, one of finding new solutions, and even new problems to solve. Here are four of my favorite techniques for coming up with new ideas and solutions.

Modifying Word List : This is a great way to expand on existing ideas and come up with radical new ways to do things. It starts with the question, "what if it was...", and it can be applied to virtually any area of idea-creation, from coming up with new story ideas to resolving personal problems in new and creative ways. It is probably best for generating new ideas for business problems, though.

Add - Subtract - Change : This is an obvious technique that came to me in a dream. It has certainly been used in many forms. This is how I use it. It is a perfect technique for coming up with innovations based on existing ideas and products.

The Innovation Process - Step-by-step new ideas.

Important Problem Solving Lesson

Try several techniques on the same problem, and I think you'll find that each gets your mind working in a different way, and therefore gives you different ideas.

There are more than a few ways to solve problems and generate new ideas. In fact, these four techniques are from my e-book on creatively solving problems, which has dozens more.

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Problem Solving