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This is where you'll find a quick description of every page on the site, or at least a link to each. New pages will be announced and more fully described on the home page (linked to at top of page).

How to Invent: Have 100 Ideas Today - Three or four ways to have great ideas.

A Few Crazy Ideas and Questions - Or maybe some of them aren't so crazy?

Domesticate Diseases? - Tame them instead of making them stronger.

Self-Correcting Systems - Examples, and how scientists make mistakes.

Creative People - Three examples and what they have online.

Taxation is Theft? - Both sides of the argument.

Monday Morning Tips - Get motivated...

Million Dollar Irritations - Turn irritating things into money.

Who Defines the Words We Use? - Who should and how?

Brainstorming Ideas - Two tests.

Ideas for a Better Justice System - Eleven ways to improve it.

Is Legal Licensing Necessary? - Perhaps not...

Can Animals Really Think? - An answer of sorts.

Dangers of Technology - The risks from our motivations and delusions.

I Have No Political Representation - How it could be different.

Try These Creativity Exercises - Develop that creative ability.

Social Business - Is this a useful concept or not?

Playing With Time Perspectives - Choose to change your experience of life.

World Power? - Why does the U.S. need to be one?

Maturity and Dealing With Authority - How to decide when to obey.

The Ultimate Technology - Self-development and/or spirtuality?

A Guide to Practical Freedom - What it means and how to achieve it.

Ideas for Stories - Eleven to take and use...

More Random Creative Ideas - A nice little collection.

Brain Scan Marketing - Look at the brain to predict what will sell.

Using Other Minds - How to think in new ways.

Ideas to Make You Think - Language, morality, intelligence, creativity and more.

The Metaphorical Life - What it is and what to do about it.

Some Cool Ideas - Mind reading apps, flatworms and more.

Predictable Irrationality - An experiment to try.

Ideas and Opinions - A new slant on six topics ranging from duty to knowledge.

Develop Thinking Skills - A few basic ones to work on.

Time to Get Creative - Tips for getting more creative.

Some Random Ideas - Self-writing book, no-lose lottery and more.

The Value of Things - It is all a matter of context.

Some Interesting Questions - A collection on various topics.

How the Rich Get Richer - The honest and less-than-honest ways.

Spread the Wealth? - The false outrage of republicans over a campaign comment.

A Bailout for the Rich - What happens when you hand out $700 billion dollars?

Millionaire Welfare Farmers - Why do we subsidize the wealthy?

Social Security Rip Off - The wealthy get to take a portion of the income of the poor.

The Poor Side of Town - How the poor are pushed away from jobs.

Preying on Poor Countries - How the poor of other countries are taken advantage of.

Federal Reserve Fraud - How the Federal Reserve is used by the wealthy to get wealthier.

Get Rid of Corporate Taxes - Replace them with taxes on individual recipients of pofits.

Business Tax is a Tax on the Poor? - Perhaps...

Microcredit Usury? - What rate is too high?

Invention and Innovation News - See what's new in innovaton.

The What If Game - How to play.

Questions About Poverty - And some answers.

Making the Homeless Buy Cadillacs for the Wealthy - Is it true?

Corporate Crime - I argue that there is no such thing.

What is Poverty? - Some answers.

Blue Man Review - What we saw in October of 2011.

Decision Paralysis - Can too many choices be bad?

Value - Some Thoughts - What is it and is it as simple as it seems?

The Speed of Life - Can we escape the constant rushing?

Creationism and Evolution - A look at the difference.

Paintball Pointillism - Mural painting using paintball guns.

The Creative Life - Some examples.

What is Belief? - No simple answer, but a new idea...

Open Your Mind - How to do it.

New Inventions - Solar-powered tent, metal detecting sandals and more.

Ways of Thinking Outside the Box - Several techniques.

Letters From The Dead - A business idea.

Economic Depression Survival Strategies - Basic preparation.

Invention Patents - Are They Justified and Necessary? - Maybe...

Accurate Miscommunication? - Lies as effective communication?

Positive Externalities - How to Take Advantage - Using an economic concept.

Artificial Fireflies - A great idea.

The Innovation Process - Having new ideas.

Small Business Ideas - Brainstorming Them - A how-to guide.

The Value of Crazy Ideas - And how to have them.

A Thought for The Day - For each day of the week.

Is Real Genius IQ or Creative Thinking? - How to be a genius.

New Job Ideas - A different approach to employment.

How to Use an Expert - New ideas on "authorities."

The Rich Get Richer - A look at welfare-for-the-wealthy.

Property Tax Rates Are Higher for the Poor - Even when they rent.

Corporate Welfare - A Definition - And a few examples.

The Working Poor Do Pay Taxes - A higher rate than Warren Buffet?

Some Corporate Welfare Examples - See how your tax dollars are spent.

Tax Loopholes for the Rich - A transfer of wealth from poor to rich?

The Redistribution Of Wealth to the Wealthy - "Reverse Robin Hood" schemes.

Corporate Welfare - Redistribution from Poor to Rich - Billions of dollars.

Why We Should Negotiate with Terrorists - Three good reasons.

Political Change Without Voting - A better way...

A New Constitution - What changes it might include and why they are important.

Thinking Out Of The Box - A technique.

Monkey Economics - Evolution-based economic behavior.

How To Deal With Externalities - Or Getting Your Smoke Out of My Face.

Creativity Practice - Exercises to get you thinking in new ways.

Poor People - They are more likely to live in ugly homes. Thus...

Water Shortages - A New Solution - Let people use water how they want...

One-Eyed Universal Health Care - Fix just one eye?

Atheism Is Not A Belief: A Definition Of Atheism - What it really is...

Price Gouging During Emergencies - A Good Thing? - Maybe so...

Read Between The Lines - What is there to see in polls, but not mentioned.

Stupid Laws - This isn't about the usual stupid laws.

Big Ideas - How to have them.

The New Economy - Information is wealth?

Probabilitism - Life According to the Odds - Principles of poker applied to life.

Cheap Housing Ideas - Inflatable houses and more.

The Meaning of Life - A Dangerous Idea - The winner of the meaning of life is...

Inventions for the American Inventor TV Show - And ideas on how to prepare.

Why I Hate Hate Crime Laws - A look at the dangers of these laws.

Thinking Outside the Box - Try this simple technique.

Survival of the Fittest - Why there is no purpose to a giraffe's long neck.

Public Lies - Is "If it saves one life it's worth it," just a convenient lie?

A New Weather Forecasting Idea - More accuracy with less knowledge.

Five New Ideas - Power nap center, mosquito blood DNA testing for crimes...

How To Have New Product Ideas - One of the easiest ways.

The Damage That Social Programs Do : Including a personal story.

Search Engine Anthropology - What do our keywords say about us?

Invention Submission Services - Questions you need to ask them.

A List Of Inventions - Waiting to be invented.

Easy Ideas - How to have them.

More Money Making Ideas : Be the first to use them.

New Product Ideas - More ideas waiting for an inventor.

Useful Lie # 1 - How to use a useful lie.

Can an Atheist Believe in God? - The answer might surprise you.

Poetry: For Writers More Than Readers? - What makes a good poem?

Innovation - It starts with the right mental habits.

New Gadgets - Magnets for windows, dog -bark alarms and more.

Money Making Ideas Gone Wild - Start with crazy ideas, then...

New Backpacking Ideas - Product ideas and lightweight backpacking techniques.

New Products And Inventions - Eight new ideas.

Fundraising Ideas - Don't settle for another car wash or cookie sale.

Spirituality and Science - Some ideas on how one can serve the other.

Oil Shortages - The cure for oil shortages is the same as the cure for any shortage...

Thought Provoking Questions - Taxation as theft; why people believe in awful gods.

How to Live a Simple Life - Some new ideas on keeping it simple.

Backpacking Innovations - A continuation of "Backpacking Gear Ideas."

Great Ideas - How to Have Them - A three-step process.

Words to Live By - Are there words to live by? Some new ideas on words.

Third World Debt - It should be renounced by the countries that carry it.

New Ideas for Debate Topics - Liven up your next debate.

How to Be a Spiritual Atheist - An atheist doesn't have to reject spirituality.

How to Get a Patent - Or a provisional patent to protect your invention.

Hidden Treasure - Some New Ideas - How to find hidden treasure.

How to Quit Your Job - Some new ideas on breaking free.

New Invention Ideas - Wave power electric generators; chip dip dispensers.

Self Employed - You don't even have to quit your job.

New Concepts - From inventions to ideas on justice.

New Innovations - Start with a basic concept; apply it to new areas.

New Thoughts - Notes on where they come from and how to have them.

Thought Control - The technology necessary is here now.

Creative Imagination - What it is and how to improve it.

Easy Invention Ideas - Easy invention ideas you can take and call your own.

Short Story Ideas - A couple ideas for how to invent new story ideas.

Travel Games- Some new ideas for games to make the hours go by.

Car Travel Games- A continuation of the travel games page.

Weird Inventions - A few oddball ideas.

New Ideas In Criminal Justice - Dump the exclusionary rule.

Invention Ideas - Be the first to patent them.

New Business Ideas - And new ideas for existing businesses.

Problem Solving - Creatively solve problems and come up with new ideas.

Creative Concepts - New ideas for anything and everything.

Economic Theories - New ideas in economics.

Political Theories - New ideas in political theory.

Deep Thoughts - New ideas in philosophy, religion spirituality, and more.

Story Ideas - Ideas for stories and poems. Make them into something.

Wake Up and Smell the Roses : A gentler alarm clock that uses scents.

Bicycle Innovations - Travel the world without leaving the house, and more.

Backpacking Gear Ideas - For backpacks, sleeping bag pads, and more.

Toy Inventions - Toy catapults, inflatable kites...

Roller Book - An invention for book lovers.

Hidden Pet Cameras - Ever wonder where your cat goes all day?

Personal Blimp - Fly around in your own.

Behavioral Economics - New ideas and fascinating lessons.

The Wealth of the United States - Is our robust economy due to free markets?

The Inflation Tax - No IRS, no income tax, and a simplified tax system?

Business Questions - Answer these to increase sales and profits.

Modifying Word List - Expand on existing ideas and more...

Add - Subtract - Change - A technique that came to me in a dream.

How to Create New Stories - Ways to get ideas.

Short Story Questions - Story ideas.

Poem Ideas - A collection.

Can Money Buy Happiness? : An interesting answer.

Deep Quotes - A collection.

Lying Politicians - They say what we want to hear.

The Politics of Taxation - It excludes science or logic.

A Policy of Truth - A new politics.

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