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Thought Control Devices Are Coming

Do you think that controling things with your mind is science fiction? Want to turn on your television just by thinking? Or open the door to your house using by mind power when your hands are full? It has been science fiction, but it won't remain science fiction for long. All the technology necessary to make this happen is here now.

You have basic thought control now, meaning you can control and direct your thoughts. Imagine a friend talking in your mind, for example. You can do that, and then you can choose to hear music in your imagination. Now, if you are hooked up to an electroencephalograph when you do these things, it will also be clear that these two thoughts are handled in different parts of your brain.

The electroencephalogram, or EEG, is important, because what we can measure and monitor, we can use to do things. Consider this for a moment. Technology has made it possible to operate things as a response to measurement. Your thermostat measures the temperature, for example, and turns the heater on or off according to that measurement. Security lights turn themselves on when light levels get low.

Thought Control Machines

Already we measure and track what is going on in the brain. Isn't it possible then, to have that measurement automatically trigger some action? In fact, even before the electrical patterns of the brain were made "visible," we measured pulse rate with many different machines. What if instead of sending a signal to a monitor telling a red light to go on when the heart raced, the signal told the TV to turn on? Just think of anything that gets your heart racing and the TV would turn on, right?

You can call it mind power, thought control or whatever, but it's clear that such a device has been possible for at least a generation now. With today's newer technology, and more detailed measurements of the actual electric patterns of the brain, how much more is possible?

Eventually, an electroencephalograph type of device will be able to more directly read your mind. Perhaps the technology will eventually get to the point where it can print out the actual words you are thinking. Of course we are a long way from that, but we are right at the brink of building machines that give us thought control of the things around us.

Even with the crude measurements being done now, as long as we can choose what to think about, and any resulting change in the brain can be measured, the possibilities are endless. We can already see the changes in the brain when a person thinks about music, for example, versus a conversation. Any time a technician wants to try it, an existing electroencephalograph machine, using electrodes attached to your head, could be set to turn on the lights instead of producing a changing chart when you sing in your mind.

Now, for paraplegics without speech, there's real hope here. By thinking alternating thoughts that activate different parts of the brain, they could create a sort of Morse code, spelled out as words on a screen. Yes, they could actually use thought control to make a message appear! Given the current level of technology, this would be a tedious process.

The amazing thing is that all the things necessary to build a machine like this are here right now. In fact, it could probably be put together in a matter of a day or two. We will soon have greater mind power and will operate things with our thoughts.

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Thought Control